A One Star Book

As Meat Loves Salt As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I am so glad to be finished with this book. I don’t remember how the book got into my house, but I saw all the praise for it on the back and that it had won ECONOMIST Best Book of the Year, so I decided to read it. I was very surprised to find this book was very boring. It was really hard to force myself to finish this book. I did not enjoy the any of the characters, especially the main character, who is a very violent, jealous, dislikable man. The plot was not believable or even enjoyable. What a disappointment.

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An Long Pause & Another island….

I know it has been a VERY long time since my last post….back in October I started interviewing for (and got) a new position at work, and I have just felt so busy since then!!!!

I’m try to get back on track…so here’s some updates.

The island:  I am disappointed that we did not get the pulling up the dock in at the end of the season….it got cold so fast. We were heading out one weekend in November to find the river had large ice chucks, so we did not risk taking the boat out….so I guess this means we will probably be building a new dock in the spring :(

But here are some pics from October/November (so, no posts then!)  It was amazing to see we still have some flowers/mushrooms/fall leaves & even a caterpillar & a heron this late before the freeze!

Knitting:  I just got so frustrated with the project I was working on that I stopped knitting all together.  I have restarted this stupid scarf so many times!!! But it just keeps CURLING !!!!


I tried that pattern as it was and edging would flip over onto the front of the scarf :(.  SO frogged a lot of work and tried again, adding a slip stitch before the edging…..same problem :(.  At this point I think I am going to ditch the scarf and make a cowl or an infinity scarf instead (no curling there right :) ).

And the hat….I followed the pattern and had some STRANGE results… the hat looks more like a beanie than a beret. The brim is loose and the hat is not….what kind of beret is that…..I don’t know if I am just not getting along with this yarn, or if I am knitting to tight/loose, need to change needles or what!   But I may just keep the hat, because I already did all the finishing and I DON’T want to frog that.


Family Time:  I also got to take off a few days early this month and head off to Utah to see my sisters, nephew & niece.  That was a lot of fun, we did some tubing, did way too much karaoke and went to see Toad the Wet Sprocket.   We stayed up late every night watching scary movies with my nephew or playing cards.  It was a blast!

And now for another island; My husband’s friend got married.  Congrats Dr. D!!!!  The wedding was as out in the Caymans.  I have to say, it was such a great excuse to take a nice vacation.  The wedding was on Grand Cayman and it was one of the best parties ever.  We had so much fun!!!!

Then we went off to Cayman Brac, which was AWESOME.  It was such a quiet place and had great snorkeling….

cave exploring…

and I even got to win at darts…


The critters, flowers and agave were so cute :)

and the beaches….ah!

We even chartered a boat to go fishing….it would have been a ton of fun… we got a 30 lb. Wahoo in the first 20 minutes!  But then the wind and the waves pickedup and it became a very scary boat ride.

I am going to try to get back into my knitting, I really do enjoy it, I just have to make time.  And I will try to be better and posting regularly!  I am going to start with redesigning that scarf, so I will post when I have an update.

One Lovely Blog Award

It was a very long week with no posting and was pleasantly surprised to find that my blog was nominated for the One Lovey Blog award!  Thank you Cinn!!!!

Award Rules:

1.  Thank the person(s) who nominated you.

2.  Post the award graphic.

3.  List seven random facts about yourself.

4.  Nominate seven other blogs & let them know that they have been nominated.


Seven Random Facts About Me:

  1. I own an island (on the rock river with no power or running water).
  2. I am a total dork….proof: MS in statistics and I design star trek beer cozies.
  3. I have a great dog (who is also very photogenic).
  4. I am married to a great guy that puts up with all of the following of my obsessions:
  5. Knitting- there is yarn everywhere :)
  6. Shoes: I love how a great pair of heels can make you feel ready to conquer.
  7. I LOVE books….mostly fiction, but I do read a little of everything

Here are the seven blogs I nominate for the One Lovely Blog Award (in no particular order):

  1. Makewise Designs
  2. Babywren
  3. Slipped Stitches
  4. Milk-Shed
  5. Let’s Face the Music
  6. Yarnings
  7. House.Food.Baby.

Thanks again Cinn!!

To Frog or Not to Frog…that is the question

IMG_20130627_183323_899I’ve been working on the Kitchen Sink Bag for a week now, and am a little disappointed in the results.

Two big problems.  First, the basketweave does NOT look the same in when knit in the round as it does when knit flat.  Not to mention it was REALLY hard to keep track of odd and even rows when knitting in the round, so I kept making mistakes, which makes it look even worse!  See the difference (1) knit flat vs. (2) knit in the round.



Second, I came to the finally row of repeating mesh pattern and should begin ending the bad and creating the handle.  It is SO short and squat!  Since the mesh pattern is so stretchy, seems silly to have such a wide bag of it.

So, after a week of effort, and an almost finished bag, do I frog the project and start over, removing the basketweave and making the pattern less wide and more high?  Or maybe I should just finish it up, make this my boat tote bag (towels, sunscreen and a book should fit) and use the cream yarn I still have to make another they way I want it.  Thoughts?

Burnin’ Though the Stash and Banning the Bamboo



We recently purchased all new furniture for our office, which of course forces us to clean out and reorganize the office.  One thing it made me realize is just how big my stash is and how many started and unfinished projects were hidden in the closet.  So I am determined to use or get rid of the stash and only purchase yarn for a specific project and only when I am actually working on it!!!!!


So, project one…I found some great cotton yarn and have started on a project, a bag Itsybitsy and Kitchen Sink Bags



I used to a have similar bag (and I LOVED it) that I had purchased at Whole Foods, but it was much think yarn and eventually, it fell apart.


Got started last night with the project and found the basket weave stitch to be SO DIFFICULT!!!  Then tonight, some luck struck….my needles broke!!!  And I can say how glad I am they did.  I was using some cheap bamboo needles that had been purchased on ebay and when I switched to a pair of Boyes metal needles that was a HUGE difference.  Basket weave stitch is not as difficult because the yarn can move some much easier with the new needles.


I hope this means with the office clean up and the new project that t I can get rid of all my crappy bamboo needles and eventually replace them all with all!!!!!!!

Slow Progress (Lack of Motivation?)

I feel I have been working on these gloves way to long…I started back in January and I am still not finished with one.  Close but not quite.  In my defense, I have had to make a LOT of adjustments to the pattern,  my husband’s hands are as wide as the pattern, but not as long.  The original pattern looks a lot like what I have done below, but the waste yarn is there to add a cap to the gloves.

With the cap it looks like, I still need to add a cap for the thumb:

I also need to get started on my Project Yarnway challenge project, but I know what a mess that will be as soon as I open up all those beads!!!!  On the bright side, there are already flowers coming up.  I can’t believe it.  I has not gotten out of the 40′s on the good days….but here is the proof!

It is making me dream of summer…I can’t wait until it is warm enough to put hte dock back out and sit by the water in the sun.  :)

Project Yarnway April Challenge and Florida Vacation

So,  I have not had my mac, so I finished this over a week ago and still have not posted it!  This is Bobbi’s Bahama Beach Bag that I created for the April challange.

Therre are desciptions of the challenge and my orginal sketches here:



I love the final design.  It is kind of like a backpack.  When you grab the straps, it closes the top of the bag!

The timing was prefect, I was able to deliver the bag while Tom and I were in Florida for a short vacation. 

We spent a lot of the time on the beach.

Not sure what to do with the ton of seashells we found!

It was clouldy the first few days, but it was warm the whole time we were there. 

We also found some scary looking jelly fish!

Some of them were deflated….

The artists of this sandcastle insisted that they be incldued in any photos of it…

The last day on the beach was very sunny and great!  I love sunshine! 

Big Mac

I got my new mac!  It is so awesome.  I went with a 17″ MacBook Pro with a solid state drive.  SO cool.  It has been so hard to keep up with stuff when I have to borrow Tom’s computer….I am so glad to have my mac back!  I decided to name it Big mac since it is so huge!  Mr. Macky has now been retired.  It still works as long as I use an external monitor.

Project Yarnway April Update

 I finish the front of the bag and I was not happy! 

It was so wide and then came in sharply to the where the handles would have been.   And the sockinette stitch on the bottom was too loose!

 So I decided to start over.  I got some more yarn (added some color).  I did love the lattice stitch, so that will stay, but the idea for the bag now is much different.  I decided to make a bag kind of like a backpack that the straps go all the way through the top of the bag so when you pick up the straps it closes the bag.  I also changed the bottom so it is a different color, in moss stitch and with a smaller needle so it wouldn’t be loose like the  last one.

Here is the new sketch and materials:

The new swatch (upside down!)


I finished up the back of the bag.  The large holes are for the strap to run out of the back and connect to the bottom of the bag.

Vacation Booked!

Yeah, we are going to Florida!  Tom is doing a training session in Florida at the end of May, so he has a free flight out threre.  I found I had enough miles on my card to get my flight for free as  well!  So we are booked and getting 4 days in the sun.   Mmmm, beach, here I come!!

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