A Sweet Day

So, last week, everyone on our team put in one dollar for an office poll.   The bet was to guess the percent closes to the PST (profit sharing) that was finally announced yesterday.  My guess was 18.5% and the actual number came in at 18.61%.  So I won! 

And to top things off, Jean deliver the girl scout cookies I ordered!  The poll bought my cookies!  And we should be getting more Anime from netflix today!!  How sweet! 

Project Yarnway Feb Challenge

I finished it! 


I am really not good at sewing, so this one was difficult for me.  I thought the flat knitted piece pretty cool.  I love the cables!


After blocking it, I pinned it to paper to cut out a pattern for the fleece and the fur. 

I would have liked to go only with the fur,  but it had a very thin back, and that hat would bot have been very warm.  I cut the fleece using the pattern.  That was the hardest part for me!  The fleece was stretchy and my scissors were dull and I kept cutting to far into the fleece!!! It took three times to get it right!


When I cut the fur, I intentionally  made it larger than the fleece so I had room for a seam.  I sewed it to the fleece with thread and then sewed that to the knitting with the yarn.







 The original stetch for the design is posted here:








Under Pressure

The crockpot died again!  Why does the stoneware always crack on those?  We found a pressure cooker at Costco and decided to give it a try.

What a cool toy!  I made one of my favorite recipes that we used to do in the crockpot, shredded chicken for tacos.  In the crockpot, it takes about 6 hours.  In the pressure cooker, it was done in under 30 minutes.  So cool!

Shredded Chicken

6     Boneless, skinless chicken thighs
1 chopped   Serrano or Jalapeno Pepper
1 chopped   Poblano Pepper
1 chopped   Yellow Onion
0.5 cup   Lime Juice
0.5 cup   Tequila
0.5 teas   Chili Powder
0.5 teas   Cayenne Pepper
1 tbls   Minced Garlic
2     Salt
1     Ground Pepper

Pressure Cooker:  Cook on high pressure for 20 minutes, then on browning for about 5 minutes to reduce liquid.  The chicken should fall apart easily with a fork.

CrockPot:  Cook on high  for 4-6 hours.  The chicken should fall apart easily with a fork.

More Requests

Wow, I am suddenly starting to get a lot fo requests fro things to be made.  I just finished a scarf and hat for my niece and am about to start on the same  hat for my mom in blue.  


Every Friday on the train ride home, a few co-workers have some beers along the way.  W e have been talking about getting some custom koozies, but they saw mine and all loved it.  So, I need to make 6-8 of those! I completely underestimated the time to make one!  For some reason, I had it in my head I could finish one in under an hour, but after finishing 2 1/2 of them, it seems to be more like 2 hours each! 

 Then on the way home yesterday, another co-worker saw my hat and loved it.  She says she has been wanting a slouchy hat.  She has offered to pay me to make her two hats!  Better learn to knit fast!

Testing, Testing, Testing!

Last month I posted my first designs as free patterns on Ravelry.  I loved the hat, and I thought it would be really cute on my niece.  She saw the hat and scarf picture and wanted both, and I am so glad I am remaking the scarf.  I finished it up this week and found so many errors in the pattern that would be confusing to anyone who had not written it.  When I started on the hat yesterday and found some minor errors there too! Now I need to check on my beer koozie pattern!

 Teaches me a lesson, always test your pattern before you post!



Our first date was Valentine’s Day 3 years ago!  There was a very nice surprize waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday, a vase filled with red roses and white lilies.  So beautiful. 

This year, we decided to go back to the same restaurant from our first date.  It is an old German place with an old polka band. 

It was fun!  I tried the venison,  which I have never had outside of Grandpa’s Deer jerky before, and it was pretty good!   I am lucky to have such a great sweetheart!  I hope Tom knows how appreciated he is!  XoXoXo

Project Yarnway-Feb Challenge My Design

I absolutely love Project Runway!   What  great show!  I found a new group on Ravelry with a year-long competition starting this month!  This month’s challenge: n Using only material you have now in your stash, create a design that express who you are as a designer.  I LOVE it!  So, I went through my huge stash, and I found left over yarn from Tom’s sweater I made.  So, what to make that expresses me as a designer?  Well, I love  warm things, making things for my family, and I love cables!  So I thought, I should make a warm hat to go with Tom’s sweater.  He wears it under his coat when it is really cold, and it has been COLD here!  Tom’s sweater came out so great, I want to use the same cable pattern.

I also want to use some fleece and craft fur I have to make it really warm.  Here is the stash:

I think it needs earflaps, so I am thinking the finished hat will have a similar shape to a Russian Hat. 

Here is my sketch, sorry, I am not good a drawing!  The finished piece should look like:


But the flat knitted  piece before it is sewn up should look like


I’ve cast on and hope to be finished this week.  More to come!  Wish me luckl!


The finished piece is here:


Anthropologie Bobble Cable Scarf

I saw this scarf on Anthropologie right after Christmas and I thought it was so cute.  When I went back to the website a few days, it was gone! So I decided I could just make one for myself.  And design a hat to go with it! 

It only took a few weeks and here are he results….

I had some left over yarn, so I used it up for a little beer koozie

I posted all of these patterns free on ravelry.  


Gorilla Glue

I was almost finished with my “Anti-Arthritis Device” for my dog.  It was a knitted wrap that fit over her elbow and holds a hand warmer.  It was a little loose, so I was going to add some velcro to the top to secure it in place a little better.  Other than that, it only needed some little details (flowers maybe?)

Well, last night I could not find a regular needle anywhere.  Ok, maybe I did not try that hard, I am not crazy about sewing.  I decided maybe I could glue the velcro on and save myself some time.  I found the gorilla glue and slapped the velcro on.  This morning, I found that it was dry, secure and hard as a rock.  Guess I have to start all over now!  😦

So much to make!

 I have SO many ideas of things I want to make.  I wish I could knit faster!  Right now, I am working on a cable Russian hat for project yarnway, a scarf for my niece and a knitted wrap to hold a hand warmer for my dog’s arthritic elbow. 

But, I have requests to make a hat to go with the scarf, my mom also wants the same hat, and a sweater has been requested for next christmas.  I want to make Mom a nice blanket since she is always cold.  🙂   And I want to make another hat, scarf gloves for myself.