Anthropologie Bobble Cable Scarf

I saw this scarf on Anthropologie right after Christmas and I thought it was so cute.  When I went back to the website a few days, it was gone! So I decided I could just make one for myself.  And design a hat to go with it! 

It only took a few weeks and here are he results….

I had some left over yarn, so I used it up for a little beer koozie

I posted all of these patterns free on ravelry.


  1. Hung said,

    July 24, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    Can you help me understand the pattern for boble cable scarf better, please. It’s the most confused pattern i ever have. I have such a hard time wit the chart and the pattern, can you help me explain this pattern step by step or row by row, i’m also very new knitter so that ‘ s why i need the pattern more clear and easy to understand. It’ confusing when the pattern ask to cast on 8 st and start 8 center of cable, but the diagram so there is 18 st cast on and 6 st center of cable. That’ s just confusing. So please help.

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