Project Yarnway-Feb Challenge My Design

I absolutely love Project Runway!   What  great show!  I found a new group on Ravelry with a year-long competition starting this month!  This month’s challenge: n Using only material you have now in your stash, create a design that express who you are as a designer.  I LOVE it!  So, I went through my huge stash, and I found left over yarn from Tom’s sweater I made.  So, what to make that expresses me as a designer?  Well, I love  warm things, making things for my family, and I love cables!  So I thought, I should make a warm hat to go with Tom’s sweater.  He wears it under his coat when it is really cold, and it has been COLD here!  Tom’s sweater came out so great, I want to use the same cable pattern.

I also want to use some fleece and craft fur I have to make it really warm.  Here is the stash:

I think it needs earflaps, so I am thinking the finished hat will have a similar shape to a Russian Hat. 

Here is my sketch, sorry, I am not good a drawing!  The finished piece should look like:


But the flat knitted  piece before it is sewn up should look like


I’ve cast on and hope to be finished this week.  More to come!  Wish me luckl!


The finished piece is here:

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