More Requests

Wow, I am suddenly starting to get a lot fo requests fro things to be made.  I just finished a scarf and hat for my niece and am about to start on the same  hat for my mom in blue.  


Every Friday on the train ride home, a few co-workers have some beers along the way.  W e have been talking about getting some custom koozies, but they saw mine and all loved it.  So, I need to make 6-8 of those! I completely underestimated the time to make one!  For some reason, I had it in my head I could finish one in under an hour, but after finishing 2 1/2 of them, it seems to be more like 2 hours each! 

 Then on the way home yesterday, another co-worker saw my hat and loved it.  She says she has been wanting a slouchy hat.  She has offered to pay me to make her two hats!  Better learn to knit fast!

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