Project Yarnway Mar 2010 Challenge

This month the challenge was to knit/crochet any type of item you want, but 80% or more of the materials used must be something that is traditionally not used for knitting. 

I decided that I wanted to design a hat of sea grass (I was dreaming of summertime out on the boat).  I ordered some sea grass that is supposed to be used for weaving baskets or furniture.  The description said it was only 3.5 mm wide, so I thought it could work.

unfortunately, when it came, I saw it is quite fat and stiff.  When I tried knitting with it as it was, the results were not good!

So I started taking the stuff apart and found that it had several strand of seagrass weaving through it.  Each piece was a reasonable size and had one fat end and on slender end.

I then started using individual strands of grass to create a swatch to see how it would look knitted.

It was messy, but I kind of like it.  I think that making sure the hat has an intentional messy shape and look to it may just work. I like staying with the whole natural concept I have going for the hat, so I got some tiny shells, sea glass and flowers carved from conch shells to give that hat a little more character.  Here is my sketch for the design, BeachComber


The sea grass is stiff unless it is wet, so I found I am having to knit over the kitchen sink! Here is my cast on…

I have not got far yet, but so far, the hat looks like this…..

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