BeachComber-Project Yarnway March 2010

Yeah, I finished it! And with two whole days before the deadline!  This was the hardest knitting project I have ever taken on.  The challenge was to create a knitted or crocheted piece using nontraditional materials.  It is march here, and still has been very cold most days, so I keep dreaming about summertime out on the boat.   For this challenge, I purchased seagrass that is supposed to be used for basket or furniture weaving. 

I soak the seagrass in water since it was not very flexible,  I also  found that it was very stiff and wider than I expected, so I took it apart into the individual strands  of seagrass.

Here is a quick swatch I made to see how the grass would look knitted.  The swatch was very messy and uneven, so I decided to go with a beach bum look.

I came up with this sketch. 

This whole hat was knit wet, to loosen up the sea grass!  My cast on looked pretty good…

I also purchased some conch shell beads and semi-precious stones to give th hat a little more character.

The completed piece came out better than I expected!  It fits and I think  it is pretty cute!

Wish me luck, I am entering it into Project Yarnway now!

1 Comment

  1. Mom said,

    March 30, 2010 at 10:06 am

    Love the hat!!!!

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