Project Yarnway April Challenge:Bag it & Tag it

This challenge was to create a bag for a specific person and a specific function.  So my client is my stepmom Bobbi. 

My client grew in and lives in Florida.  She and her husband own a business that supplies yachts with uniforms, flags, linens etc. 

The shop is just blocks away from the beach in West Palm Beach.  Her favorite designer is Tommy Bahama and she loves everything tropical (who wouldn’t if you lived in Florida!)  Check out her wedding cake she and her sisters created.  Beautiful!!!

So for her, I am hoping ot create a beach bag that she can have sitting at her shop ready to slip out to the beach at a moments notice.  The bag with be made of cotton in a very light yellow color.  It will have wooden handles and beads.

The bottom is solid and will have hidden pockets in the inside to hold your wallet, keys and other items.  The upper part of the bag will have holes to allow air to easily get through to help dry wet items returning from the beach.  There will be a large pocket on the sides of the outer bag to hold sunscreen or bottles of water.  I hoping to build a backpack function into the bag that is optional.  To get this, there are two straps that stay inside the bag until needed, then they are pulled out right where the bag begins a decrease.  The bag folds over there and the straps connect to the bottom of  the bag, becoming a backpack and should look about like this:

 Here is a swatch that shows the two different kinds of stitches that will create the solid and airy parts of the bag.

And here are all my materials.  I am still trying to decide if the palm trees will be in color or a different stitch to make them stand out.  But I LOVE the idea of using the wooden beads as coconuts on the trees.

I hope I can pull this one off, I love the concept!

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