Project Yarnway April Update

 I finish the front of the bag and I was not happy! 

It was so wide and then came in sharply to the where the handles would have been.   And the sockinette stitch on the bottom was too loose!

 So I decided to start over.  I got some more yarn (added some color).  I did love the lattice stitch, so that will stay, but the idea for the bag now is much different.  I decided to make a bag kind of like a backpack that the straps go all the way through the top of the bag so when you pick up the straps it closes the bag.  I also changed the bottom so it is a different color, in moss stitch and with a smaller needle so it wouldn’t be loose like the  last one.

Here is the new sketch and materials:

The new swatch (upside down!)


I finished up the back of the bag.  The large holes are for the strap to run out of the back and connect to the bottom of the bag.

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