Project Yarnway April Challenge and Florida Vacation

So,  I have not had my mac, so I finished this over a week ago and still have not posted it!  This is Bobbi’s Bahama Beach Bag that I created for the April challange.

Therre are desciptions of the challenge and my orginal sketches here:

I love the final design.  It is kind of like a backpack.  When you grab the straps, it closes the top of the bag!

The timing was prefect, I was able to deliver the bag while Tom and I were in Florida for a short vacation. 

We spent a lot of the time on the beach.

Not sure what to do with the ton of seashells we found!

It was clouldy the first few days, but it was warm the whole time we were there. 

We also found some scary looking jelly fish!

Some of them were deflated….

The artists of this sandcastle insisted that they be incldued in any photos of it…

The last day on the beach was very sunny and great!  I love sunshine! 

Big Mac

I got my new mac!  It is so awesome.  I went with a 17″ MacBook Pro with a solid state drive.  SO cool.  It has been so hard to keep up with stuff when I have to borrow Tom’s computer….I am so glad to have my mac back!  I decided to name it Big mac since it is so huge!  Mr. Macky has now been retired.  It still works as long as I use an external monitor.