SuperDog Cooling Cape: Project Yarnway June 2010

This  challenge was to design an item for a vacation.  This design is for my dog, who loves to go with us out camping/boating/fishing.  I design for her a SuperDog Cooling Cape.

My original design is at:

I was disappointed that the cotton stretched SO much when it is wet (which is how this is intended to be used), but I still think it is so cute!  So I had to abandon the under the arm design, it was to big when it stretched out and the dog is not the best model at a fitting, she will not sit still to allow you to make adjustments.

But you can tell she does like…look at that smile!

SuperDog loves to go fast too!

Wish us luck!

Project Yarnway June 2010: Escape to Nowhere

For this challenge, we have been asked to create an item for a vacation (real or fantasy).

I know I am really behind, I was finishing up a baby blanket….

For my design, I decided to create something for my dog for our camping weekends.  Those are her favorite vacations!  She gets to be outside all day and  chase frogs!   But we take the boat often, and she gets very hot while we are out fishing.  She will only wade in the water up to her chest, and she does not like to swim.  So to keep her cool on hot suuny days on the boat, I have been taking a long sleeve t-shirt, soaking in the water and tying that around her neck to keep her cool.  It looks like a super hero cape.  Problem is, it always shifts around and ends up under her. 

So I decide I would knit her a cape that wraps around in front and buttons just past her front arms.  That should keep it in place.  So my design is “Superdog’s Cooling Cape”.

For the yarn, I decided to go with cotton, since it seems to be the most absorbent, that way I don’t have to take it off to soak it as often!

I added a hot pink acrylic to include her superhero logo.  I will try to use dupliacte stitch for this, something I am just learning.  And I love the colors, everyone always assumes that my dog is a boy!

I hope I can finish in time!

Finsh Piece is at :

Summer Baby Blanket

Took me a little longer than expected, but I finished! 

This is for an upcoming baby shower, maybe I will even have time to start on some booties too, then again it is the 21st and I have not started on the June Project Yarnway challenge yet…..

So for this blanket, I used on skein of Lion Brand’s Pound of Love in color Turquoise.

I had a 12 row moss stitch on the top and bottom as well as 10 stitches of moss stitch on both sides to create a border around the blanket.  The middle of the blanket is a lattice stitch,

then I weave a ribbon into the first row of the YO stitches of the lattice.

Moss Stitch:
Row 1: K1, P1, repeat to end.
Rows 2 and 4: K the Ks and P the Ps.
Row 3:  P1, K1, repeat to end.
Lattice Stitch (Must be a multiple of three stitches)
Row1 (WS): YO, k2tog, repeat to end.
Row 2 and 4 (RS): knit all stitches
Row3 (WS):K2tog, YO, repeat to end.