I finally got around to making a small swatch for my Project Yarnway challenge.  It did not go as planned.  😦  I am have a difficult time figuring out how to use the larger beads unless I sew them on later and the small beads just did not sit well in the knitted swatch.  I have never knitted with beads before and I had no idea what a pain in the %*& that is.  I am torn….keep on trying, change the stitch, get actual yarn that not embroidery floss so it goes or little faster or scrap the whole idea…..

Maybe I just have cabin fever.  I am SO sick of winter already.  It just has been so cold the past few weeks, but the flowers are starting to come up and I have been seeing some of the seasonal birds like the cardinals, robins and finches are back.  I have winter.  Can’t wait for the summer….I’ll have to post about my little island next time…..

Slow Progress (Lack of Motivation?)

I feel I have been working on these gloves way to long…I started back in January and I am still not finished with one.  Close but not quite.  In my defense, I have had to make a LOT of adjustments to the pattern,  my husband’s hands are as wide as the pattern, but not as long.  The original pattern looks a lot like what I have done below, but the waste yarn is there to add a cap to the gloves.

With the cap it looks like, I still need to add a cap for the thumb:

I also need to get started on my Project Yarnway challenge project, but I know what a mess that will be as soon as I open up all those beads!!!!  On the bright side, there are already flowers coming up.  I can’t believe it.  I has not gotten out of the 40’s on the good days….but here is the proof!

It is making me dream of summer…I can’t wait until it is warm enough to put hte dock back out and sit by the water in the sun.  🙂

Treads & Tracks Scarf – New Free Pattern

I finally finished making this scarf and writing the pattern.  I got a hat from Gap that I love, but I could not find any gloves or scarf to match.  At Windy Knitty I found some wool that MountainTop Crestone by Classic Elite Yarns is also very warm!  I started with the gloves, an adaptation of Treads, which you can see in the picture above or on my post Seriously Warm Gloves.  I create a pattern fro a scarf to match the gloves and I am pretty pleased with the results.

You can also  find the pattern at Raverly, or download the pattern here.

Treads & Tracks


8 Skein of Classic Elite MountainTop Crestone

US size 8 needles


19 stitches and 25 rows = 4”x4”

Lateral Braid:

M1 add that stitch back to the left needle.  * Knit into the back of the second stitch, knit into the front of the first stitch on the left needle. Remove the two stitches from the left needle and then add the last stitch on the right needle back to the left needle.  Repeat from * to the last stitch.  Move the last stitch to the right needle and pull the second to last stitch over the last as in a BO.


CO 62 stitches using the long tail cast.

Rib Start

Row 1 (RS): S1 K1 *P2 K2 rep from *

Row 2 (WS): S1 P1 *K2 P2 rep from *

Row 3 (RS): S1 K1 *P2 K2 rep from *

Diagonal Section:

Row 1 (RS): S1 K1 P1 *P2 K2, rep from * to the last three stitches. P1 K2

Row 2 (WS): S1 P1 K1 *K1, P2, K1, rep from * to the last three stitches. K1 P2

Row 3 (RS): ): S1 K1 P1 *K2 P2, rep from * to the last three stitches. P1 K2

Row 4 (WS): S1 P1 K1 *P1 K2 P1, rep from * to the last three stitches. K1 P2

Repeat these 4 rows 7 more times.  (32 total rows)

Stockinet Section:

Row 1 (RS): S1 K1 P1 K to the last three stitches. P1 K2

Row 2 (WS): S1 P1 K1 P to the last three stitches. K1 P2

Row 3 (RS): S1 K1 P1 work in Lateral Braid to the last 3 stitches. P1 K2

Repeat Rows 1-2 (starting and ending with row 2) 19 times.

Repeat Row 3.

Repeat Row 2.

Work diagonal section followed by Stockinet Section 6 more times.

Work one more diagonal section.

Rib End

Row 1 (RS): S1 K1 *P2 K2 rep from *

Row 2 (WS): S1 P1 *K2 P2 rep from *

Row 3 (RS): S1 K1 *P2 K2 rep from *


Project Yarnway – A Night at the Opera

For this challenge designers must create some thing that is for a night at the opera or that is inspired by an opera.  The piece must be multicolored, include a new stitch (one you have never used) and include “furbelows”.

Each designer has 3 months to complete the challenge and all photos are due before the end of April 2012.  The challenge began 2/1/2012.

I am making a handbag for a night at the opera that is inspired by and old 1920’s bag my Grandma used to have.  The bag was beaded and very loosely netted.  You would but a silk handkerchief in as lining, and that way you could make the bag match any dress.

I finally got to the store for supplies for my night bag.  I got some great beads – some are larger & magnetic for the top of the bag, it should keep the bag closed and I hope qualifies as furbelows.  I got embroidery floss and hemp string…need to play around with them.  It think I still need to pick up some very small black beads to twill be carried through out the bag.

I am planning on copying the stitch from this old market bag I bought at Whole Foods (that is now starting to fall apart).  I think it is just many cords then knit them together, take them apart….but it is something I have never done before!


The store I went to does not have any fabric, so I still need materials for the lining.  I may end up doing exactly what grandma’s bag did; you would use a silk handkerchief as the lining.  But I am afraid that would not have very clean lines if I do that.  I am hoping to using some small buttons at the top of the bag to attach the lining, but I hope that does not prevent the magnetic beads form doing their thing.  I am so glad there are three months for this challenge, I have never tried anything like this before and it is going to take a lot of trial and error!

Spring is just around the corner?

I could not believe it, it is the beginning of February and the spring flowers are already starting to pop up!  We have had a very mild winter.  I just hope we don’t get a big freeze now….I am not sure what that would do to all the bulbs that have come up.

I’ve almost finished my scarf, I was really hoping I would be able to finish it this weekend.  But it is nearly done 6 out of 8 balls completed!!  I really like the way this came out.  I designed this scarf to go with he gloves I made in my previous post.  I am planning on writing up this pattern after it is finished and post it here.

I am also trying to get started on some gloves f0r my husband.  He loved how warm the gloves I made for my self were and wanted some for himself.  I am having to make a lot of adjustments to the pattern, his  hands are as wide as the pattern is for, but much shorter…

Project Yarnway has started again as well, with some changes: challenges now last 3 months, not one.  The current challenge is Night at the Opera.  I am planning creating a hand bag that is knitted and beaded and is similar to an old flapper bag my grandma used to have.  This bag was so cool.  It was beaded and netted and you would put and handkerchief in it for the lining.  That way you could just change the handkerchief and you have a bag that matches any outfit! I have not gotten around to sketching yet. The challenge as says we must use a new stitch and it must be multicolor.  I am hoping the lining counts as multicolor…..need to do some research into stitches before I start sketching.