I finally got around to making a small swatch for my Project Yarnway challenge.  It did not go as planned.  😦  I am have a difficult time figuring out how to use the larger beads unless I sew them on later and the small beads just did not sit well in the knitted swatch.  I have never knitted with beads before and I had no idea what a pain in the %*& that is.  I am torn….keep on trying, change the stitch, get actual yarn that not embroidery floss so it goes or little faster or scrap the whole idea…..

Maybe I just have cabin fever.  I am SO sick of winter already.  It just has been so cold the past few weeks, but the flowers are starting to come up and I have been seeing some of the seasonal birds like the cardinals, robins and finches are back.  I have winter.  Can’t wait for the summer….I’ll have to post about my little island next time…..

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