Long Time No Post

Work has been crazy!!!! To many projects going on at the same time!  So what (other than work) have I been up to?  Island stuff of course!  🙂

Until this spring, the island only had two types of trees…Silver Maples and Black Walnut.  So this spring, we planted a bunch of fruit trees (apple, cherry, peach, plum, pear and apricot).  I may have to remove some black walnut trees from near the fruit trees….I have been told that silver maple is one of the few trees that can survive near black walnut trees (they put out toxin into the soil around them).  So far, so good.  The peach tree has peaches on it already!  🙂

We took Friday and Tuesday off around Memorial day, so we have 5 whole days on the island!!!!  I spend one whole day pulling out nettles….I HATE those plants (they sting) !

Now we are finally on to building on the island.  First up…a bathroom please!!  I was torn on this one for a long time….do we put in a septic system or go with an outhouse or a composting toilet.  Well, after reading that a septic tank has to be pumped out from time to time, I thought it was a bad idea…I don’t think any company can get to an island to pump it!  Our last trip to St. Martin, we stayed in a cabin that had a outhouse on the side, and I hated the way that smelled!  And composting toilets have to be emptied out….gross!  So I found one more solutions….a tree bog!!!  It is a composting toilet that you NEVER have to clean out!  Basically, you build an outhouse that is at least 3 feet up off the ground.  Underneath, you have hay, wood chips and/or ashes and around the outhouse, you plant willows and other nutrient hungry plants.  The waste from the outhouse falls into the wood chips below and turns into compost for the willows!  Just add more wood chips/ashes after using the outhouse.  I hope this does not smell like a outhouse smells….  Also to help with the smell, we are building the outhouse with cedar siding 🙂

So to get materials to the island was a challenge…we had to boat it in…

It took three trips to get everything over!

So far, we rented a pole digger,

it was difficult to use….on our first try, it got stuck and we had to dig it out.  We found that adding water as we went helped a lot….

and used 8′ long 4x4s that we place 4′ feet into the ground) and added some support of 2x4s around the structure and have the  floor in place.

I have the frames completed for all the walls except the one with the window, Menard’s did not have the window in stock last weekend, and I wanted to wait to put the frame together until I could see the window actually fits i the space.

After working very hard (and getting very sore), the last thing  I wanted to do was cook, so we ordered a pizza…and they delivered!!!  We just had take the boat and meet them across the river.  AWESOME!

Last weekend I also found the biggest spider ever on the island..huge and creepy…..he was as long as a D battery!  I was in the tent and he crawled up the screen (on the outside thank goodness), so I got his picture:

But other than the work and the spider, it was a great long weekend on the island!

Tom caught a big catfish

We had a huge bonfire

The dog had a great time….she love the mud and the boat

Heading back there this morning for more work and play!