The Dead Zone Revisited…

This Friday and Saturday were so hot, we decided to skip the island and put a little more work into the dead zone. We planted some perennial bulbs in the planters, but they looked very sad. After a trip to the nursery, we also found out that unless we wrap the boxes for the winter, all the perennials will not survive the winter anyway.  The planters are to large  to move and we hope to fill the boxes with some evergreens in the winter so it looks nice all year, we decided to fill it with some annuals.  I am disappointed that we will have replant every year, but I do love he result.

did a lot of work on the island…I’ll try to post again this week with some updates.

I have not done much knitting lately….I just started remaking my Captain Kirk beer cozy.  I gave my last one away.  I really think I need to get started creating some patterns for some of the other Star trek seasons soon….

Considering how little I have been posting about knitting, I think i need to change the name of my blog.  Any suggestions?