Finally, the island update…

I have meant to post on the island for a LONG time, but just have not seemed to get a round to it.  Could be I was avoiding it because it was just so depressing.

This spring, it flooded…BAD there was 4 feet of water over the WHOLE island!!!  We did not leave much, but almost everything was destroyed.  The platform we had built (in hope of making a tree bog) was just high enough that everything there was untouched.  But our tent, chairs and some tools and the shed itself was destroyed.  And the picnic table and a large part of the dock were also washed away.  😦


But, the flooding this spring (and again more flooding this June/July) taught us a very good lesson before we built too much.  The west end of the island we were building on we had chosen because it was the open area (no tree cutting!).  But we found that there is really only one area of the island (the north end) that was not flooded this summer.  It is a little higher than the other areas.  Although there are many trees that we will have to cut to build here, it does have the best view and has the sandiest beach.  YEAH! (I’ll have to take a picture and post that!)

This last Wednesday was the first day that the flooding had gone down enough that we were able to stay on the island.   We were off for the week, so we headed out to get started on projects.

Project one: new picnic table and rebuild the dock. We got a picnic table kit, added some wood preserver with color.  Looks great.


Of course it had to be dog approved first….



The 12×4 piece of the dock floated away, so we had to replace it.  We also found that the water is much more shallow on the northeast end where we had to put the dock (there was only one spot that did not have to many fallen trees).  So in rebuilding we went with 2 8×4 pieces instead.  The end of the dock is still very shallow, so we may add more piece to the dock later.  We used a modification these plans for the dock.



The big 8×8 piece of the dock did survive, but it was up in the west side of the island in a lot of mud, that was NOT fun getting that piece back into the water to move it over to the new position.  A little muddy, but I like the results…



While putting in the dock, I also found some really cool, old railroad ties that I was able to use to make some great steps down to the dock.  (Sorry again, I need to take a picture and post).


Next project: an outdoor shower.  I have designed a really quick shower we are sure we can get up in one weekend, so we’ll do that project next.  I am using cedar-fencing panels so it should go up super fast!!!  For now, the shower will just be for solar camp showers (those plastic bags).

We used them before and they do get hot!  We may upgrade to a nice propane outdoor shower later, but we want to figure out the well first and see if we could pump water to the shower from there.

Here is a sneak peak at me design.

Primitive Shower PlansFor the benches, I am planning on using Ana White’s simple outdoor bench.

I think I will change the 1×4 legs to 2×4 and the 1x3s for support also to 2×4.  I want to be sure it is sturdy,

Long term goal is to get a yurt on high decks or a cabin on stilts put in.  We kind of envision…

island north end

I hope to update with the results when we finished project 2.


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