Labor Day Weekend with No Working :)


This has been a very long week, so I did not get any time to post until now as we did not go to the island this weekend. 2014 planning at work means never ending meetings and an not so fun oral surgery made us decide to skip the island this weekend.


(Heidi LOVES the boat)

But last weekend was a blast!  We decided not to do any work and had my cousin and his wife going us for two days and one one night out on the island.  I spent a lot of time sut reading a book and soaking in the water.

Tom got to do some fishing with my cousin Lee.

I spent most of the time just soaking in the water or reading a book, but I take a few picutres of some of the flowers that are still blooming.

We started going through a few items that remained on the island this weekend and was very surprised to find an old mag lite flashlight that despite being underwater for over a month, was still working!!!


This week, my husband also gave me my birthday present early and I can’t wait to try this out!  A new camera with 21 x zoom so I can finally get some great pictures of all the birds on the island!!!!  This is going to be so mu fun!!!!IMG_20130907_125717_160