Yarn Along 2/26/2104

I have not participated in Yarn Along in a LONG TIME!!!!

This week, I finish a square #2 for my Yurt Throw and I am reading As Meat Loves Salt (so far, it is about as cheesy as the cover).


Wow sometimes taking a break makes you come back and find all of you mistakes 😦

It looks like all of my squares 1,5,6, and 7 are close to the same size, but all of my square 2 are to skinning, square 8 are to fat and squares 3 &4 are to short!

So, if I have to frog them, that is 15 out of 31 squares to redo 😦

Here is where I am at so far:


I only have 18 squares to finish!  I wonder if so creating blocking cold solve this?  Then again, it is clear we probably will not get to putting up the yurt on the island this year….so maybe I should just take the time to redo all of these squares.

Anyone have suggestions?

An Long Pause & Another island….

I know it has been a VERY long time since my last post….back in October I started interviewing for (and got) a new position at work, and I have just felt so busy since then!!!!

I’m try to get back on track…so here’s some updates.

The island:  I am disappointed that we did not get the pulling up the dock in at the end of the season….it got cold so fast. We were heading out one weekend in November to find the river had large ice chucks, so we did not risk taking the boat out….so I guess this means we will probably be building a new dock in the spring 😦

But here are some pics from October/November (so, no posts then!)  It was amazing to see we still have some flowers/mushrooms/fall leaves & even a caterpillar & a heron this late before the freeze!

Knitting:  I just got so frustrated with the project I was working on that I stopped knitting all together.  I have restarted this stupid scarf so many times!!! But it just keeps CURLING !!!!


I tried that pattern as it was and edging would flip over onto the front of the scarf :(.  SO frogged a lot of work and tried again, adding a slip stitch before the edging…..same problem :(.  At this point I think I am going to ditch the scarf and make a cowl or an infinity scarf instead (no curling there right 🙂 ).

And the hat….I followed the pattern and had some STRANGE results… the hat looks more like a beanie than a beret. The brim is loose and the hat is not….what kind of beret is that…..I don’t know if I am just not getting along with this yarn, or if I am knitting to tight/loose, need to change needles or what!   But I may just keep the hat, because I already did all the finishing and I DON’T want to frog that.


Family Time:  I also got to take off a few days early this month and head off to Utah to see my sisters, nephew & niece.  That was a lot of fun, we did some tubing, did way too much karaoke and went to see Toad the Wet Sprocket.   We stayed up late every night watching scary movies with my nephew or playing cards.  It was a blast!

And now for another island; My husband’s friend got married.  Congrats Dr. D!!!!  The wedding was as out in the Caymans.  I have to say, it was such a great excuse to take a nice vacation.  The wedding was on Grand Cayman and it was one of the best parties ever.  We had so much fun!!!!

Then we went off to Cayman Brac, which was AWESOME.  It was such a quiet place and had great snorkeling….

cave exploring…

and I even got to win at darts…


The critters, flowers and agave were so cute 🙂

and the beaches….ah!

We even chartered a boat to go fishing….it would have been a ton of fun… we got a 30 lb. Wahoo in the first 20 minutes!  But then the wind and the waves pickedup and it became a very scary boat ride.

I am going to try to get back into my knitting, I really do enjoy it, I just have to make time.  And I will try to be better and posting regularly!  I am going to start with redesigning that scarf, so I will post when I have an update.