Yarn Along 3/5/2014

This week I am working on my my turquoise set and I am reading Post Office.


I have not made much progress this week.  I decided I needed to finish the work on my turquoise set. I am using the Alokananda Beret pattern and I tried the scarf ans the pattern called for and found it curled… a lot.  So I restarted twice with different edge and then tried adding a slip stitch and it still curled.


So I decided to make it a cowl instead, but three times I started and twisted my work when joining it in the round!!!!!  On the third try, I got it correctly joined, so I am finally able to make some progress again.


I hope to have more progress on the blanket next week, but I have not had time to get to it this week.

Yarn Along & Ipsy 8/21/2013

I’m making some progress on this huge blanket!


This week, I’m still reading The Monsters of Templeton, I am almost done, I am really liking this book!  On the blanket progress:  I decided what the additional patterns for squares 6,7 and 8.  Square 6 is the November Square (pattern is here):


For square 7, I am using the Fern Lace from Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Knitting.

I found there are two errors in the pattern:row 4 should end in p2 not k2 and row 9 is missing on y0 at the end of the repeating stitches.

IMG_20130821_075718_628 2

For square 8, I took the tree section from Lion Brand’s Tree of Life Afghan.

IMG_20130821_075800_752 2

Squares 1-5 are form the Lion Brand Patchwork Sampler Throw. This week, I found  that I was a little short on the Lemongrass yarn.  I have not decided if I will buy more to complete a half of a square or just use another color.  Here what the competed blanket should look like and the overall progress (The Xed out square is the one where I am short on the yarn)


On another note, my August Ipsy bag arrived this week!  It has Micheal Todd facial scrub, Pacific Multi-mineral bb cream, Pixi Lash Boosting Mascara Chella dark brown eyeliner and noya lib balm.  Fun.  Can’t wait to try these!


Yarn Along & F.O. 8/7/2013

Wednesday Yarn Along!


This week, I started on a new project a Patchwork sample Throw  and I am still reading High Fidelity.  I like the look so far,



but the pieces are not coming out square using the number or rows and stitches the pattern calls for.  Each piece should be a 9″ square, but instead, mine are coming out 9″x12″.  I don’t think changing the needle can fi that if the number of stitches give the width it should be….oh well.

I am also changing up what this pattern looks like.  Here is what the pattern calls for:

Courtesy of Lion Brand

For my throw, I am adding a border and making it 6 squares across and 7 squares long (instead of the 5×6 it calls for) and I am adding one additional stitch pattern and more colors.  I did not want the colors & patterns going down in diagonals for my throw, I was hoping for something that was a little more random, so I plotted out these squares:


I also finished my Bulky Blankie last week and brought it as a gift for my cousin’s cabin.  We had a family get together this weekend (more on that later).  I love how this blanket came out!  This was another free Lion Brand pattern: Autumn Lace. I also love that it took less than 2 weeks to finish!






Star Trek Next Generation Beer Cozy – Free Pattern

Wow, so I have not posted in a VERY long time!!!!!!

I had the idea for this pattern after creating the pattern for the original series Star Trek Cozy, I knew I need to add more Star Trek versions.  I created the design a long time ago, and finally got a round to trying it when a friend told me that Captian Picard was his favorite Star Trek character.  So for Christmas, I made the prototype na dgaveit to him as a gift.  This weekend, I finally got around to making another so I could write out the pattern.




The pattern is a little overly complicated, but it was the only way I could see that it would look like Captain Picard’s shirt.




You can download a pdf version of the pattern here

Or find it on Raverly

Or use the pattern below:



Treads & Tracks Scarf – New Free Pattern

I finally finished making this scarf and writing the pattern.  I got a hat from Gap that I love, but I could not find any gloves or scarf to match.  At Windy Knitty I found some wool that MountainTop Crestone by Classic Elite Yarns is also very warm!  I started with the gloves, an adaptation of Treads, which you can see in the picture above or on my post Seriously Warm Gloves.  I create a pattern fro a scarf to match the gloves and I am pretty pleased with the results.

You can also  find the pattern at Raverly, or download the pattern here.

Treads & Tracks


8 Skein of Classic Elite MountainTop Crestone

US size 8 needles


19 stitches and 25 rows = 4”x4”

Lateral Braid:

M1 add that stitch back to the left needle.  * Knit into the back of the second stitch, knit into the front of the first stitch on the left needle. Remove the two stitches from the left needle and then add the last stitch on the right needle back to the left needle.  Repeat from * to the last stitch.  Move the last stitch to the right needle and pull the second to last stitch over the last as in a BO.


CO 62 stitches using the long tail cast.

Rib Start

Row 1 (RS): S1 K1 *P2 K2 rep from *

Row 2 (WS): S1 P1 *K2 P2 rep from *

Row 3 (RS): S1 K1 *P2 K2 rep from *

Diagonal Section:

Row 1 (RS): S1 K1 P1 *P2 K2, rep from * to the last three stitches. P1 K2

Row 2 (WS): S1 P1 K1 *K1, P2, K1, rep from * to the last three stitches. K1 P2

Row 3 (RS): ): S1 K1 P1 *K2 P2, rep from * to the last three stitches. P1 K2

Row 4 (WS): S1 P1 K1 *P1 K2 P1, rep from * to the last three stitches. K1 P2

Repeat these 4 rows 7 more times.  (32 total rows)

Stockinet Section:

Row 1 (RS): S1 K1 P1 K to the last three stitches. P1 K2

Row 2 (WS): S1 P1 K1 P to the last three stitches. K1 P2

Row 3 (RS): S1 K1 P1 work in Lateral Braid to the last 3 stitches. P1 K2

Repeat Rows 1-2 (starting and ending with row 2) 19 times.

Repeat Row 3.

Repeat Row 2.

Work diagonal section followed by Stockinet Section 6 more times.

Work one more diagonal section.

Rib End

Row 1 (RS): S1 K1 *P2 K2 rep from *

Row 2 (WS): S1 P1 *K2 P2 rep from *

Row 3 (RS): S1 K1 *P2 K2 rep from *


Free Star Trek Beer Cozy Pattern!

Happy Holidays!!

Star Trek Beer Koozie

It’s been a long year, and I have not done much knitting.  This year I started a new job and got married, so I but knitting on the back burner.  But I have decided it is time to change my Star Trek Beer Cozy pattern to a free pattern.

Star Trek Beer Cozy Pattern

I hope to post more knitting soon!

Knitting Chart–Translated.

I had a comment on the difficulty reading my pattern fo the Bobble Cable Ascot.  If you are a new knitter, and have not used charts before, I can understand how this could be confusing.  The original pattern is :


This pattern I designed to look like the Bobble cable Ascot that was sold at anthropology in Fall 2009.  Here is a picture of the Anthropology version:

Here is a translation from my pattern that used charts, hope this is helpful t any one trying to learn!  Lines from the pattern are in italic and the translation is below.


Cast on 8.

(Begin the 8 center sts of the cable pattern. Work the cable pattern rows 1-20 once times then rows 1-15, omitting the bobble in the last cable. At the same time increase one st each side every other row 4 times (first increase at row 2),)

Row1: K1, P6, K1.  (the center 8 stitches row 1 from the cable pattern).

Row2: K1, M1, K6, M1, K1. (10 sts)

Row3: K2, P6, K2.  (the center 10 stitches row 3from the cable pattern).

Row4: K1, M1, K8, M1, K1. (12 sts)

Row5: K3, P6, K3.  (the center 12 stitches row 5 from the cable pattern).

Row6: K1, M1, K10, M1, K1. (14 sts)

Row7: K4, P6, K4.  (the center 14 stitches row 7 from the cable pattern).

Row8: K1, M1, K12, M1, K1. (16 sts)

then every 4th row 5 times. (26 sts)

Row9: K5, P6, K5.  (the center 16 stitches row 9 from the cable pattern).

Row10: K5, C3R, MB, K4.

Row11: K5, P6, K5.  (the center 16 stitches row 11 from the cable pattern).

Row12: K1, M1, K14, M1, K1. (18 sts)

Row13: K6, P6, K6.  (the center 18 stitches row 13 from the cable pattern).

Row14: K18.

Row15: K6, P6, K6.  (the center 18 stitches row 15 from the cable pattern).

Row16: K1, M1, K16, M1, K1. (20 sts)

Row17: K7, P6, K7.  (the center 20stitches row 17 from the cable pattern).

Row18: K20.

Row19: K7, P6, K7.  (the center 20 stitches row 19 from the cable pattern).

Row20: K1, M1, K5, MB,C3R,K6, M1, K1. (22 sts)

Row1: K8, P6, K8. 

Row2: K22.

Row3: K8, P6, K8.

Row4: K1, M1, K20, M1, K1. (24 sts)

Row5: K9, P6, K9. 

Row6: K24.

Row7,K9, P6, K9.

Row8: K1, M1, K22, M1, K1. (26 sts)

Row9, 11, 13, 15:  K9, P6, K9.

Row10: K10, C3R, K10.

Row12, 14: K26.

In this section, you are separating the piece into two different knitted pieces that will come back together at the end. 

Next Row: Slip1 st on the holder/another needle, k1, Slip 1 st on the holder/another

needle, p1, * rep to end.

Next 12 rows: 1×1 rib

Do not cut the yarn!

Using the stitches from the other needles/holder and yarn from the another skein (or the other end of the skein)

Next 13 rows: 1×1 rib

Cut the yarn.

Now, you reconnect the two pieces:

Back of ascot:

Row one: K1 from the front needle, K1 for the back needle* rep 4, P1 from the front needle, P1 for the back needle* rep 2 more times, K1 from the front needle, K1 for the back needle* rep 4 more times (First row of the cable pattern).

(Continue the cable pattern until repeated 5 times

ending with row 19 (WS).)  You just did row one, so on the first of the 5, start with row 2.

Row 2, 4, 6, 8: K26

Row 1, 3, 5, 7, 9: K10, P6, K10.

Row 10:  K10, C3R, MB, K9.

Row 12, 14, 16, 18: K26

Row 13, 15, 17, 19: K10, P6, K10.

Row 20:  K9, MB, C3R, K10.

Start decrease:

Next Row:K2tog, P2tog* rep to end.

Next 13 rows: 1×1 rib

Increase again:

Next Row: K1, M1* rep to end.

(Begin the cable pattern starting with row 15 and omit the bobble in row 20.)

Row 15, 17, 19: K10, P6, K10.

Row 16, 18: K26

Row 20:  K10, C3R, K10.

(Work the cable pattern once, then

rows 1-6. At the same time, decreasing one st (starting with row 2) every side ever four row 5 times, then every other row 4 times.)

Row 1: K10, P6, K10.

Row 2: K2tog, K22, K2tog. (24 sts)

Row 3&5: K9, P6, K9.

Row4: K24.

Row6: K2tog, K20, K2tog. (22 sts)

Row 7&9: K8, P6, K8.

Row8: K22.

Row 10: K2tog,K6, C3R, MB, K5,K2tog. (20 sts)

Row 12: K20.

Row 13, 15: K7, P6, K7.

Row 14: K2tog, K16, K2tog. (18 sts)

Row 15: K6, P6, K6.

Row16: K18

Row 17: K6, P6, K6.

Row18: K2tog, K14, K2tog. (16 sts)

Row 19: K5, P6, K5.

Row20: K2tog, K2,MB, C3R, K3, K2tog. (14 sts)

Row 1: K4, P6, K4.

Row2: K2tog, K10, K2tog. (12 sts)

Row3: K3, P6, K3.

Row4: K2tog, K8, K2tog. (1Us  sts)

Row 5: K2, P6, K2.

Row6: K2tog, K6, K2tog. (8 sts)

BO all stitches.

Summer Baby Blanket

Took me a little longer than expected, but I finished! 

This is for an upcoming baby shower, maybe I will even have time to start on some booties too, then again it is the 21st and I have not started on the June Project Yarnway challenge yet…..

So for this blanket, I used on skein of Lion Brand’s Pound of Love in color Turquoise.

I had a 12 row moss stitch on the top and bottom as well as 10 stitches of moss stitch on both sides to create a border around the blanket.  The middle of the blanket is a lattice stitch,

then I weave a ribbon into the first row of the YO stitches of the lattice.

Moss Stitch:
Row 1: K1, P1, repeat to end.
Rows 2 and 4: K the Ks and P the Ps.
Row 3:  P1, K1, repeat to end.
Lattice Stitch (Must be a multiple of three stitches)
Row1 (WS): YO, k2tog, repeat to end.
Row 2 and 4 (RS): knit all stitches
Row3 (WS):K2tog, YO, repeat to end.

Project Yarnway March Winner!

I am so happy my beachcomber won! It was difficult, but I do love the result. Thanks for everyone who voted! I am posting the pattern for free here as well as in ravelry for anyone who wants to make one. I ordered the sea grass from amazon and one coil could make 2-3 hats! Thanks again!

Sea Grass Knit hat

Two Hats for Mom

They are completed and mailed!  Mom like my bobble cable hat one wanted one just like mine (in the cream color).

Since I had left over yarn form her sweater, she aslo decided she should would like the same hat in that yarn.  I think it came out cool!  The blue yarn was very different from the cream ( and wool vs. alpaca/acrylic) so I had to adjust the pattern.  The blue hat ending up much thicker and warmer than the cream one, which I think is perfect since it will go with her very warm winter sweater I made her.

Here is the sweater this hat goes with, Mom asked for a sweater for Christmas and this is the design I made for her, modeled my my niece.

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