Star Trek Next Generation Beer Cozy – Free Pattern

Wow, so I have not posted in a VERY long time!!!!!!

I had the idea for this pattern after creating the pattern for the original series Star Trek Cozy, I knew I need to add more Star Trek versions.  I created the design a long time ago, and finally got a round to trying it when a friend told me that Captian Picard was his favorite Star Trek character.  So for Christmas, I made the prototype na dgaveit to him as a gift.  This weekend, I finally got around to making another so I could write out the pattern.




The pattern is a little overly complicated, but it was the only way I could see that it would look like Captain Picard’s shirt.




You can download a pdf version of the pattern here

Or find it on Raverly

Or use the pattern below:



Free Star Trek Beer Cozy Pattern!

Happy Holidays!!

Star Trek Beer Koozie

It’s been a long year, and I have not done much knitting.  This year I started a new job and got married, so I but knitting on the back burner.  But I have decided it is time to change my Star Trek Beer Cozy pattern to a free pattern.

Star Trek Beer Cozy Pattern

I hope to post more knitting soon!

Spock Star Trek original series Beer Koozie

I could not wait to start on more of these customized koozies! Some one on ravelry said my Capt. Kirk was the most adorkable thing she had ever seen!  The only yarn I found with a light blue color that seemed to be right was much wider than the yarn I found for Capt. Kirk, so I had to adjust the pattern.

I also found when I used my Capt. Kirk on the train ride home, that he was pint size, not regular beer size! Spock fits a regular beer and the emblem is bigger, so I could fit the science insignia in it. I wish I was better at embroidering, but I still think it looks great!

I finished my star trek original series Mr. Spock Beer Cozy and listed it for sales on Etsy!

Captian Kirk Season One

I have been making so many beer cozies lately and they are getting more and more creative!  I came up with the idea of making beer koozies that look like the uniforms from Star Trek original series.  I found a website with so much information on the insignias and rankings and seasons from Star Trek.

I designed the uniform for season one and made one like Captain Kirk’s.  He had a mustard yellow color and three bands on his sleeve.  I think it came out great!  I can’t wait to make more characters,  I may even sell these on Etsy!  So here my Star Trek Beer Koozie!

Like all of my customized koozies, it has the contact grip sewn inside to give it the kung fu grip.  No slipping off the beer!  To see more of my koozies, go to

Holy Stripes!

I wanted all of the beer cozies to be different, so I started some with stripes.  I first tried to just cut the yarn after added a new color, but I found I kept losing stitches at the end.  I  have no idea how that was happening, but I came up with my solution.  My pattern had two rows of a color, so I started the row with the  new color, knit one whole row,


 then most of the second row.  Then I turned the work and used the end dangling yarn I started the first row with to complete the row using another needle. 


Then I slid the stitches to the other needle, cut the long yarn and tie the two pieces together!  No more lost stitches!

Anti-Slip Beer Koozies

When I had some left over yarn, I came up with a pattern for a beer Koozie that I think are SO cute!

When The train gang from work saw them ,they all wanted them.  We had been talking about getting some custom koozies for our group, a bunch of co-workers that all take the Metra train and enjoy beer on the way home on Fridays.  Imaking these about  started two weeks ago, and I keep running into problems.,  I had almost finished three, but I had not checked my gauge.  Duh!  I was using a different brand of yarn that was also in the bulky size.  But these end up much to large!  Let the frogging begin!  (You know rip it, rip it, rip it). 

I did the math, found the right number of rows and stitches and started over.  For this yarn (Bernat softee chunky), I started  the pattern with 16 sts, otherwise I followed the pattern exactly.  I finished the first one and remember a comment Chris said.  When he first saw my koozie , he wanted one, but wanted to know if the beer could just slip out of the sweater.  Good point.  So I had Tom test out this first guy, and sure enough…..slippery!  It was very hard to drink a beer with that koozie.  Now I have to come up with a solution for that.  Then I remembered that there is anti-slip stuff they make to put on shelves.  I went to Target and found just what i was looking for.

So I cut it and sewed it into this first koozie that was already done.  Presto!  IT works.  It made the grip so good I could hold the beer by the koozie’s sleeve.  No Slipping! 



Now, I just have to make a whole lot more of them.  I want to add different colors, some stripes, maybe some different cable patterns.  That way everyone will get a unique koozie!  I hope everyone likes them as much as I do.  They are so CUTE!