Project Yarnway – Back to the drawing board

I loved my original idea for my Project Yarnway – Night at the Opera challenge, but when I started working with the beads and thread, it was not coming out they way I wanted.  The beads are really a pain to work with and I was planning on using a lot.  So I am making some serious revisions to the design. Sorry, I had a red pen, but this should be black!

I found a purse form (YEAH!)

and got some shiny silver fabric and different yarn that has some shimmer to it.  My new plan is to cover the plastic purse for both sides with the fabric and knit the same shape in an eyelet diamond stitch with some beads included.


The stitch should look like this in black with some beads included.

I love the large beads I got and I am hoping I can sew these one over the closure.  Still have to figure that part out.

I hope this new design works better!


I finally got around to making a small swatch for my Project Yarnway challenge.  It did not go as planned.  😦  I am have a difficult time figuring out how to use the larger beads unless I sew them on later and the small beads just did not sit well in the knitted swatch.  I have never knitted with beads before and I had no idea what a pain in the %*& that is.  I am torn….keep on trying, change the stitch, get actual yarn that not embroidery floss so it goes or little faster or scrap the whole idea…..

Maybe I just have cabin fever.  I am SO sick of winter already.  It just has been so cold the past few weeks, but the flowers are starting to come up and I have been seeing some of the seasonal birds like the cardinals, robins and finches are back.  I have winter.  Can’t wait for the summer….I’ll have to post about my little island next time…..

Project Yarnway – A Night at the Opera

For this challenge designers must create some thing that is for a night at the opera or that is inspired by an opera.  The piece must be multicolored, include a new stitch (one you have never used) and include “furbelows”.

Each designer has 3 months to complete the challenge and all photos are due before the end of April 2012.  The challenge began 2/1/2012.

I am making a handbag for a night at the opera that is inspired by and old 1920’s bag my Grandma used to have.  The bag was beaded and very loosely netted.  You would but a silk handkerchief in as lining, and that way you could make the bag match any dress.

I finally got to the store for supplies for my night bag.  I got some great beads – some are larger & magnetic for the top of the bag, it should keep the bag closed and I hope qualifies as furbelows.  I got embroidery floss and hemp string…need to play around with them.  It think I still need to pick up some very small black beads to twill be carried through out the bag.

I am planning on copying the stitch from this old market bag I bought at Whole Foods (that is now starting to fall apart).  I think it is just many cords then knit them together, take them apart….but it is something I have never done before!


The store I went to does not have any fabric, so I still need materials for the lining.  I may end up doing exactly what grandma’s bag did; you would use a silk handkerchief as the lining.  But I am afraid that would not have very clean lines if I do that.  I am hoping to using some small buttons at the top of the bag to attach the lining, but I hope that does not prevent the magnetic beads form doing their thing.  I am so glad there are three months for this challenge, I have never tried anything like this before and it is going to take a lot of trial and error!

SuperDog Cooling Cape: Project Yarnway June 2010

This  challenge was to design an item for a vacation.  This design is for my dog, who loves to go with us out camping/boating/fishing.  I design for her a SuperDog Cooling Cape.

My original design is at:

I was disappointed that the cotton stretched SO much when it is wet (which is how this is intended to be used), but I still think it is so cute!  So I had to abandon the under the arm design, it was to big when it stretched out and the dog is not the best model at a fitting, she will not sit still to allow you to make adjustments.

But you can tell she does like…look at that smile!

SuperDog loves to go fast too!

Wish us luck!

Project Yarnway June 2010: Escape to Nowhere

For this challenge, we have been asked to create an item for a vacation (real or fantasy).

I know I am really behind, I was finishing up a baby blanket….

For my design, I decided to create something for my dog for our camping weekends.  Those are her favorite vacations!  She gets to be outside all day and  chase frogs!   But we take the boat often, and she gets very hot while we are out fishing.  She will only wade in the water up to her chest, and she does not like to swim.  So to keep her cool on hot suuny days on the boat, I have been taking a long sleeve t-shirt, soaking in the water and tying that around her neck to keep her cool.  It looks like a super hero cape.  Problem is, it always shifts around and ends up under her. 

So I decide I would knit her a cape that wraps around in front and buttons just past her front arms.  That should keep it in place.  So my design is “Superdog’s Cooling Cape”.

For the yarn, I decided to go with cotton, since it seems to be the most absorbent, that way I don’t have to take it off to soak it as often!

I added a hot pink acrylic to include her superhero logo.  I will try to use dupliacte stitch for this, something I am just learning.  And I love the colors, everyone always assumes that my dog is a boy!

I hope I can finish in time!

Finsh Piece is at :

Project Yarnway March Winner!

I am so happy my beachcomber won! It was difficult, but I do love the result. Thanks for everyone who voted! I am posting the pattern for free here as well as in ravelry for anyone who wants to make one. I ordered the sea grass from amazon and one coil could make 2-3 hats! Thanks again!

Sea Grass Knit hat

Project Yarnway April Challenge:Bag it & Tag it

This challenge was to create a bag for a specific person and a specific function.  So my client is my stepmom Bobbi. 

My client grew in and lives in Florida.  She and her husband own a business that supplies yachts with uniforms, flags, linens etc. 

The shop is just blocks away from the beach in West Palm Beach.  Her favorite designer is Tommy Bahama and she loves everything tropical (who wouldn’t if you lived in Florida!)  Check out her wedding cake she and her sisters created.  Beautiful!!!

So for her, I am hoping ot create a beach bag that she can have sitting at her shop ready to slip out to the beach at a moments notice.  The bag with be made of cotton in a very light yellow color.  It will have wooden handles and beads.

The bottom is solid and will have hidden pockets in the inside to hold your wallet, keys and other items.  The upper part of the bag will have holes to allow air to easily get through to help dry wet items returning from the beach.  There will be a large pocket on the sides of the outer bag to hold sunscreen or bottles of water.  I hoping to build a backpack function into the bag that is optional.  To get this, there are two straps that stay inside the bag until needed, then they are pulled out right where the bag begins a decrease.  The bag folds over there and the straps connect to the bottom of  the bag, becoming a backpack and should look about like this:

 Here is a swatch that shows the two different kinds of stitches that will create the solid and airy parts of the bag.

And here are all my materials.  I am still trying to decide if the palm trees will be in color or a different stitch to make them stand out.  But I LOVE the idea of using the wooden beads as coconuts on the trees.

I hope I can pull this one off, I love the concept!

BeachComber-Project Yarnway March 2010

Yeah, I finished it! And with two whole days before the deadline!  This was the hardest knitting project I have ever taken on.  The challenge was to create a knitted or crocheted piece using nontraditional materials.  It is march here, and still has been very cold most days, so I keep dreaming about summertime out on the boat.   For this challenge, I purchased seagrass that is supposed to be used for basket or furniture weaving. 

I soak the seagrass in water since it was not very flexible,  I also  found that it was very stiff and wider than I expected, so I took it apart into the individual strands  of seagrass.

Here is a quick swatch I made to see how the grass would look knitted.  The swatch was very messy and uneven, so I decided to go with a beach bum look.

I came up with this sketch. 

This whole hat was knit wet, to loosen up the sea grass!  My cast on looked pretty good…

I also purchased some conch shell beads and semi-precious stones to give th hat a little more character.

The completed piece came out better than I expected!  It fits and I think  it is pretty cute!

Wish me luck, I am entering it into Project Yarnway now!

Project Yarnway Feb Challenge

I finished it! 


I am really not good at sewing, so this one was difficult for me.  I thought the flat knitted piece pretty cool.  I love the cables!


After blocking it, I pinned it to paper to cut out a pattern for the fleece and the fur. 

I would have liked to go only with the fur,  but it had a very thin back, and that hat would bot have been very warm.  I cut the fleece using the pattern.  That was the hardest part for me!  The fleece was stretchy and my scissors were dull and I kept cutting to far into the fleece!!! It took three times to get it right!


When I cut the fur, I intentionally  made it larger than the fleece so I had room for a seam.  I sewed it to the fleece with thread and then sewed that to the knitting with the yarn.







 The original stetch for the design is posted here:







Project Yarnway-Feb Challenge My Design

I absolutely love Project Runway!   What  great show!  I found a new group on Ravelry with a year-long competition starting this month!  This month’s challenge: n Using only material you have now in your stash, create a design that express who you are as a designer.  I LOVE it!  So, I went through my huge stash, and I found left over yarn from Tom’s sweater I made.  So, what to make that expresses me as a designer?  Well, I love  warm things, making things for my family, and I love cables!  So I thought, I should make a warm hat to go with Tom’s sweater.  He wears it under his coat when it is really cold, and it has been COLD here!  Tom’s sweater came out so great, I want to use the same cable pattern.

I also want to use some fleece and craft fur I have to make it really warm.  Here is the stash:

I think it needs earflaps, so I am thinking the finished hat will have a similar shape to a Russian Hat. 

Here is my sketch, sorry, I am not good a drawing!  The finished piece should look like:


But the flat knitted  piece before it is sewn up should look like


I’ve cast on and hope to be finished this week.  More to come!  Wish me luckl!


The finished piece is here: