Yarn Along 3/5/2014

This week I am working on my my turquoise set and I am reading Post Office.


I have not made much progress this week.  I decided I needed to finish the work on my turquoise set. I am using the Alokananda Beret pattern and I tried the scarf ans the pattern called for and found it curled… a lot.  So I restarted twice with different edge and then tried adding a slip stitch and it still curled.


So I decided to make it a cowl instead, but three times I started and twisted my work when joining it in the round!!!!!  On the third try, I got it correctly joined, so I am finally able to make some progress again.


I hope to have more progress on the blanket next week, but I have not had time to get to it this week.

Yarn Along 2/26/2104

I have not participated in Yarn Along in a LONG TIME!!!!

This week, I finish a square #2 for my Yurt Throw and I am reading As Meat Loves Salt (so far, it is about as cheesy as the cover).


Wow sometimes taking a break makes you come back and find all of you mistakes 😦

It looks like all of my squares 1,5,6, and 7 are close to the same size, but all of my square 2 are to skinning, square 8 are to fat and squares 3 &4 are to short!

So, if I have to frog them, that is 15 out of 31 squares to redo 😦

Here is where I am at so far:


I only have 18 squares to finish!  I wonder if so creating blocking cold solve this?  Then again, it is clear we probably will not get to putting up the yurt on the island this year….so maybe I should just take the time to redo all of these squares.

Anyone have suggestions?

Yarn Along 7/31/2013

I have been meaning to post on our island progress, but this week there just has not been any time.  I hope to find some time tonight!

So, quick post for yarn along!

IMG_20130731_100527_867I am working on a Bulky Blankie, using the Autumn Lace pattern and the yarn is Lion Brand Hometown in Houston Cream.  This has knit really fast and I am almost done!  I may have to get a few more balls of yarn to complete it though.

This week I’m reading High Fidelity, which is so much better than the book last week!  Atonement had 100 pages that just described three guys walking across France….boring!

Yarn Along – Summer Bag and Summer Reading

I kept coming across “yarn along” from other blogger I was following and finally took the time to see what it was.  What a great idea!  Post our work one Wednesday to keep you motivated to keep at you projects!!!  So here is my first “Yarn Along” post!

IMG_20130717_190051_035I am working on another Kitchen Sink Bag.  My sister say my first one on Facebook and wanted one.  I decided to switch yarns for this one.  The Lion Brand Cotton ease is so soft and has great colors, but the bag came out way to stretchy.  The first one was HUGE and won’t hold it’s shape….but it is still a great boat bag for towels etc.

So for this one, I am trying out the Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, it is 100% cotton instead of cotton and acrylic.  I am also making the bag a little smaller (cast on 60 not 76 stitches) in hopes that it will be a better size bag.

My other most recent bag (from old stash Lion Brand Cotton Ease) cam out pretty good.  For this one, I only cast on 50 and it is a prefect size for a market bag.  I did some how get the handle perpendicular to where it should of been, but it still looks great.





This week, I am reading Atonement.  It is starting to pick up, but the beginning of the book keep putting me to sleep.

Also today, I went to Lather and chopped off my super long hair…LOVE the results!!!!!