Project Yarnway – Back to the drawing board

I loved my original idea for my Project Yarnway – Night at the Opera challenge, but when I started working with the beads and thread, it was not coming out they way I wanted.  The beads are really a pain to work with and I was planning on using a lot.  So I am making some serious revisions to the design. Sorry, I had a red pen, but this should be black!

I found a purse form (YEAH!)

and got some shiny silver fabric and different yarn that has some shimmer to it.  My new plan is to cover the plastic purse for both sides with the fabric and knit the same shape in an eyelet diamond stitch with some beads included.


The stitch should look like this in black with some beads included.

I love the large beads I got and I am hoping I can sew these one over the closure.  Still have to figure that part out.

I hope this new design works better!

Project Yarnway – A Night at the Opera

For this challenge designers must create some thing that is for a night at the opera or that is inspired by an opera.  The piece must be multicolored, include a new stitch (one you have never used) and include “furbelows”.

Each designer has 3 months to complete the challenge and all photos are due before the end of April 2012.  The challenge began 2/1/2012.

I am making a handbag for a night at the opera that is inspired by and old 1920’s bag my Grandma used to have.  The bag was beaded and very loosely netted.  You would but a silk handkerchief in as lining, and that way you could make the bag match any dress.

I finally got to the store for supplies for my night bag.  I got some great beads – some are larger & magnetic for the top of the bag, it should keep the bag closed and I hope qualifies as furbelows.  I got embroidery floss and hemp string…need to play around with them.  It think I still need to pick up some very small black beads to twill be carried through out the bag.

I am planning on copying the stitch from this old market bag I bought at Whole Foods (that is now starting to fall apart).  I think it is just many cords then knit them together, take them apart….but it is something I have never done before!


The store I went to does not have any fabric, so I still need materials for the lining.  I may end up doing exactly what grandma’s bag did; you would use a silk handkerchief as the lining.  But I am afraid that would not have very clean lines if I do that.  I am hoping to using some small buttons at the top of the bag to attach the lining, but I hope that does not prevent the magnetic beads form doing their thing.  I am so glad there are three months for this challenge, I have never tried anything like this before and it is going to take a lot of trial and error!