A Lazy Weekend on the Island

This weekend was a lazy weekend which was SO nice.  The weather was awesome – in 70’s and VERY sunny.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I spent most of the weekend just sitting on the beach with a good book and a glass of wine soaking up the sunshine  🙂



While I sat on the beach, Tom got in some fishing, there were a lot of tiny fish around the edge of the island…and was able to catch a Sheep head and a baby largemouth.  Both very small so we let them go..

But we did take a few walks around the island…which the dog loved!

During the walk,I found a few caterpillars that were very cool

I found there were still some flowers blooming and I was finally able to get a decent picture of the tiny white daisies:

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More cool mushrooms:

And there was more evidence of fall:

I took a few more pictures of the trees, and I tried to get some with the cool vines growing on them  🙂

We found some more interesting raccoon leavings:


I found another of the strange funnel spiderwebs


I got a few more geese pictures:

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I found another cool old bottle on the island:

Unfortunately, I also found a bee hive while walking the island and got a pretty nasty sting.  I’ll have to avoid that area in the future.  It hurt that Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday night is swell up and has been miserable ever since.


Overall, it was an awesome weekend!


This week, I think there is a tie for the island garbage of the week.  A Big Lots bumper sticker and a Wacker Club baseball cap.