Project Yarnway – Back to the drawing board

I loved my original idea for my Project Yarnway – Night at the Opera challenge, but when I started working with the beads and thread, it was not coming out they way I wanted.  The beads are really a pain to work with and I was planning on using a lot.  So I am making some serious revisions to the design. Sorry, I had a red pen, but this should be black!

I found a purse form (YEAH!)

and got some shiny silver fabric and different yarn that has some shimmer to it.  My new plan is to cover the plastic purse for both sides with the fabric and knit the same shape in an eyelet diamond stitch with some beads included.


The stitch should look like this in black with some beads included.

I love the large beads I got and I am hoping I can sew these one over the closure.  Still have to figure that part out.

I hope this new design works better!

Spring is just around the corner?

I could not believe it, it is the beginning of February and the spring flowers are already starting to pop up!  We have had a very mild winter.  I just hope we don’t get a big freeze now….I am not sure what that would do to all the bulbs that have come up.

I’ve almost finished my scarf, I was really hoping I would be able to finish it this weekend.  But it is nearly done 6 out of 8 balls completed!!  I really like the way this came out.  I designed this scarf to go with he gloves I made in my previous post.  I am planning on writing up this pattern after it is finished and post it here.

I am also trying to get started on some gloves f0r my husband.  He loved how warm the gloves I made for my self were and wanted some for himself.  I am having to make a lot of adjustments to the pattern, his  hands are as wide as the pattern is for, but much shorter…

Project Yarnway has started again as well, with some changes: challenges now last 3 months, not one.  The current challenge is Night at the Opera.  I am planning creating a hand bag that is knitted and beaded and is similar to an old flapper bag my grandma used to have.  This bag was so cool.  It was beaded and netted and you would put and handkerchief in it for the lining.  That way you could just change the handkerchief and you have a bag that matches any outfit! I have not gotten around to sketching yet. The challenge as says we must use a new stitch and it must be multicolor.  I am hoping the lining counts as multicolor…..need to do some research into stitches before I start sketching.