To Frog or Not to Frog…that is the question

IMG_20130627_183323_899I’ve been working on the Kitchen Sink Bag for a week now, and am a little disappointed in the results.

Two big problems.  First, the basketweave does NOT look the same in when knit in the round as it does when knit flat.  Not to mention it was REALLY hard to keep track of odd and even rows when knitting in the round, so I kept making mistakes, which makes it look even worse!  See the difference (1) knit flat vs. (2) knit in the round.



Second, I came to the finally row of repeating mesh pattern and should begin ending the bad and creating the handle.  It is SO short and squat!  Since the mesh pattern is so stretchy, seems silly to have such a wide bag of it.

So, after a week of effort, and an almost finished bag, do I frog the project and start over, removing the basketweave and making the pattern less wide and more high?  Or maybe I should just finish it up, make this my boat tote bag (towels, sunscreen and a book should fit) and use the cream yarn I still have to make another they way I want it.  Thoughts?

Burnin’ Though the Stash and Banning the Bamboo



We recently purchased all new furniture for our office, which of course forces us to clean out and reorganize the office.  One thing it made me realize is just how big my stash is and how many started and unfinished projects were hidden in the closet.  So I am determined to use or get rid of the stash and only purchase yarn for a specific project and only when I am actually working on it!!!!!


So, project one…I found some great cotton yarn and have started on a project, a bag Itsybitsy and Kitchen Sink Bags



I used to a have similar bag (and I LOVED it) that I had purchased at Whole Foods, but it was much think yarn and eventually, it fell apart.


Got started last night with the project and found the basket weave stitch to be SO DIFFICULT!!!  Then tonight, some luck struck….my needles broke!!!  And I can say how glad I am they did.  I was using some cheap bamboo needles that had been purchased on ebay and when I switched to a pair of Boyes metal needles that was a HUGE difference.  Basket weave stitch is not as difficult because the yarn can move some much easier with the new needles.


I hope this means with the office clean up and the new project that t I can get rid of all my crappy bamboo needles and eventually replace them all with all!!!!!!!